the basses


Still own my first real bass, a German-made (2006) Warwick Corvette Standard V. Fenders are fine, but it’s turned out to be a great value for the money, and I really appreciate how well it’s made.

About a year ago I upgraded the stock MEC pickups to Bartolini, and the stock pre-amp for an Aguilar 2-band rig hand-built by Strung with Thomastik flatwounds for the time being. Absolutely love the pure sound when it’s set flat, and appreciate the tonal versatility with this current setup. Also in love with bubinga – what a beautiful hardwood!

For fun (ok, to feed my ADD habit), I tracked down a fretless acoustic Michael Kelly Dragonfly from a fellow in Seattle. Thomastik nylon flatwounds on that one. I don’t use it a lot, but have found it ideal for casual settings and acoustic sets where an upright sound fits better. 


Here’s me with a few good friends in a bluegrass band singing Christmas carols a couple years ago. The banjo jock is legit. Hails from Culpepper, VA. And a retired Navy Chaplain Captain to boot. No better stock than him.

Every Dad needs a good passion. Feel free to share yours.