Business Insider covers the causes of low marriage rates…

Business Insider covers the causes of low marriage rates. This stuck out:

With the income gap growing in America, the poor have gotten poorer. Low-income people consequently value economic stability in a spouse even more than they used to. Paradoxically, there’s a shortage of financially stable partners in lower-income communities, which may limit marriages.

Dave Ramsey and other experts who merge relationships and money have observed over and again that a good marriage is often one where husbands give their wives a sense of financial stability

What liberals have successfully sold poor urban American women for a generation now is the State is the ideal husband. You can’t count on men to make you secure, but you always can count on welfare.

So poverty, then, is exactly why liberals want. It keeps young mothers faithful to a relationship with the government, while destroying the economic means for those young men to woo them away.

Also explains the lack of political ground-swell for fatherhood programs.

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