Revisiting the question of a troublesome mother-in-law.

Fortunately my MIL (and my wife’s) are awesome. But we had to work at that too….


most_popularOne of the most visited posts I’ve written in the five years I’ve been blogging is A wife’s best defense against a troublesome mother-in-law.  As I write this it is the fifth most visited page on the blog.  This popularity shouldn’t be surprising, as this is sadly a very common problem, and the “normal” methods of trying to address the problem simply don’t work.

Recently commenter Laura has been discussing her own challenges here.  From the discussion it sounds like she has made some progress, but she made a comment in reply to another reader which made me want to revisit this topic:

I will not give on this issue for certain reasons that I guarantee any mother that was in my position would be doing the same.
Like I said you make think I am not being a supportive loving wife and daughter in law however you really don’t know…

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