Examiner  ISIS destroying the common patrimony of the…

Examiner: ISIS destroying the common patrimony of the human race.

Islamic State has, under any normal definition, committed acts of war against my country and yours, targeting and murdering our citizens wholly on grounds of their nationality. In Nimrud and now in Palmyra, it is destroying the common patrimony of the human race.

To those who ask why I am more upset about old ruins than about thousands of slaughtered civilians, the only reply is that you don’t need to tell me about the victims. I was working with some of them in a refugee camp just across the Turkish border last year. They were desperate for help from any source.

Whether you care about old monuments or orphaned children, about the radicalization of Western hotheads or the destabilization of the region, about the security of our allies or the prestige of the United States, the conclusion is the same: We can’t let these monsters win.