Father sues school after teacher has sex with…

Father sues school after teacher has sex with his 15 y/o son, gets off on plea agreement.

The Oklahoman reported Tuesday that Jennifer Caswell pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree rape and other charges in Harmon County District Court. Sentencing was set for Aug. 31. The boy’s father says in a federal lawsuit that local school officials let Caswell resign and keep her teaching credentials. He is seeking $1 million for pain, suffering and his son’s mental and emotional anguish. The district denies wrongdoing. “The district’s overall position is that they acted appropriately once they were aware of an issue,” lawyer Andy Fugitt told the newspaper.

The boy was 15 at the time of the crimes; Caswell is 29.

More fathers should do this.

UPDATE: Uncovering the cover-up.

MORE: “I didn’t force anything. I didn’t manipulate. I didn’t take advantage,’ she said on the “Dr. Phil” show. Her lawyer told The Oklahoman that she was paid for her appearance.