Dad  Officer who pulled gun at daughter’s pool…

Dad: Officer who pulled gun at daughter’s pool party ‘Shouldn’t keep his job.’ 

Others have called for Casebolt to be fired, including the Next Generation Action Network. Casebolt was suspended Sunday after a video of the pool party incident went viral. Bakari said he can’t blame his daughter Jahda for her actions because he’s been taught to run from the police. “Being a black man, [if] I see the cops I’m running,” Bakari said.

How do kids in bathing suits pose a deadly threat? Though it’s troubling that some Black fathers are teaching their kids to run from law enforcement.

UPDATE: As Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the rest of the story.

According to a witness-North Dallas teens overtook a quiet community pool in McKinney TX by jumping over the fences, cursed out the parents with their little kids, threatening the parents, being disrespectful, running from the cops, fighting oh and acting like complete entitled assholes who don’t belong there. There was no racism, police brutality, it was idiotic teens doing idiotic things and thinking they didn’t need to suffer any consequences. Now our beautiful neighborhood and neighbors feel like someone came and pooped all over our lives.

Still, drawn guns?