Mars Venus Etc Women gain happiness from seeing…

Mars, Venus, Etc: Women gain happiness from seeing their partner upset – because it ‘shows their relationship is strong’.

Women also prefer their male partner to know when she is upset than when she is happy as a way of showing their empathy.

Men, however, prefer to know when their wife or girlfriend is in a good mood in order to feel empathetic.

Well, weak men make women angry, and angry women make men weak. So far so good. From a F/B comment under the link, this insight too:

This article also proves a point I always make that gets either zero or angry responses: and that is that MEN have ALL the power to end feminism. We see here by this study that women THRIVE on mens reaction. There is ONE thing a woman/fem cannot handle … its being ignored by men. That has a negative consequence in the brain almost tantamount to death signals. If men do not pay ATTENTION it means virtual death to women. Women will do WHATEVER is necessary to have that ‘life’ by men … even if it means they have to behave. But because pulling your top off and sex baiting ALWAYS gets women what they want with men (attention) ………… feminism may well have 100 yrs left unless the economy collapses first.

Wait – I thought women wanted strong, silent types? 

Finally, here’s a list called “14 Things All Single, Independent, Driven Women Secretly Want.” Take it with a grain of salt. These sorts only seem to really know what they don’t want.

Every day I’m more and more glad God blessed me with the one I have.