Talking Points Memo  Younger Americans Disrespecting Authority If…

Talking Points Memo: Younger Americans Disrespecting Authority

If you were around in the late 1960’s, early 70’s, you know history is repeating itself. Back then the American establishment embraced a war in Southeast Asia that forced millions of young Americans to be drafted. The war turned out to be a fiasco because of the politicians, not the U.S. military. So distrust among American young people skyrocketed. That led to a breakdown of authority and the rise of the sex, drugs, rock and roll era. Today we have the era of self-absorption, where many Americans simply don’t care about society in general. They are locked into their own worlds, encouraged by high technology. The collapse of authority in America will lead to very bad consequences. We are just seeing the beginning of this situation.

Yup. Bill O’Reilly’s channeling his inner Isaiah again.