Ryanair accused of charging family tax A…

Ryanair accused of charging “family tax”:

A spokesperson for the airline said: ‘This claim of ‘taxing families’ is entirely untrue.

‘Last summer, Ryanair introduced Family Extra, a dedicated service for families to make travelling more simple, offering half priced reserved seating for children, while families who travel twice with Ryanair Family Extra can save 20 per cent on their third flight, as Ryanair continues to lower the cost of air travel for European consumers, and especially families.

‘Ryanair endeavours to seat travelling companions and families together, however, the only way to guarantee that customers are seated together is by purchasing allocated seating.’

Which is, as some would say, a family tax. 

Of course, you could always (a) pay it, or (b) fly another, more expensive airline, or (c) continue to pound Ryanair in social media until they cave.