The biggest single reason people don’t sing in church

The biggest single reason people don’t sing in church anymore.

So many times I’ve heard people who run church services blame the congregations lack of singing enthusiasm on the congregation themselves. Putting it down to some kind of spiritual apathy, consumerist Christianity or even assuming that there must be some kind of personal sin.

But you know what, most of the time people don’t sing the songs purely and simply because they don’t know them. Period.

More often than not it’s because the church itself has too many songs in its repertoire. If you use more than 75 songs in a year in total it’s unlikely that your congregation will know them very well. Or maybe they don’t know how to properly teach songs, which is much more than ambling through it a couple of times and hoping people will just pick it up.

More often than not though it’s because worship leaders choose songs that they like and what the congregation knows or can properly get to know is very much a secondary consideration. So as worship leaders and worship team members, we have to step back and ask ourselves who are really making worship music for? Is it really to best help the congregation or are we really just playing songs that we like, because we like them?

Most of the new 4-chord “worship” songs pretty much suck, musically and theologically. But they’re fun to play.