In the Inbox  Support Dr Eric Braverman and…

In the Inbox: Support Dr. Eric Braverman and fellow fathers this Thursday at Courthouse, 100 Centre St. Manhattan, 10 am

This is a special appeal to all our followers for the support of my friend and fellow father, Dr. Eric Braverman, who will be the subject of proceedings in the Manhattan courthouse at 100 Centre Street, 2nd floor this Thursday, June 25th at 10 am.

I am alerting those especially in the New York City metropolitan area to join my group coming from upstate New York to observe the conduct of a trial involving  a loving father who may be considered my victim counterpart in the medical profession.

Eric has called me numerous times at all hours to keep me abreast of this witch hunt put upon him for seeking fairness and accountability in divorce and family court. He has spent more than $5 million fighting false charges and court abuses tailored to remove him from his young children. It is a heart wrenching ordeal which no parent or child should be subjected to.

This is a case which proves that no amount of money is enough to get through divorce, custody or support proceedings. If a parent works to create an estate, college fund and standard of living for his or her children, it can all be taken away by lawyers and forensic “specialists.” At some point the public must rise up to condemn this sort of greed and injustice. This is the time to do so.