Modern Christian culture’s deep antipathy for fathers We live…

Modern Christian culture’s deep antipathy for fathers.

We live in a culture where the family is under assault and wives and children are taught that rebellion is a virtue.  The children most harmed by this are the ones having the most trouble honoring their fathers.  This could be because the father has serious flaws, or it could be because the child is particularly rebellious.  It could even be both.  For good fathers with healthy families contempt for fathers from Christian culture merely introduces sand into the gears.  Everything is harder than it needs to be, but they are able to power through despite the harm Christian culture causes.  This isn’t the case for families who are struggling however.  Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, and large numbers of children aren’t even born to married parents to begin with.  For families that are on the edge, for families who are suffering greatly, heaping contempt on the father only makes all of their existing problems worse.

Ironically the common defense of tearing fathers down in front of their wives and children is that it is an act of courage to fix struggling families.  However, going with the flow and following the secular culture’s attack on fathers takes no courage, and injecting strife into fragile families doesn’t make them better.

I blogged on this here a couple years ago and shared it with my own pastor. He had fallen into that same trap of building up moms/women from the pulpit by tearing down fathers/men. To his credit, he took it on board.

If your pastor is doing this, take him out for a steak and set him straight.