Politically you simply can't have marital rights that largely benefit…

Politically, you simply can’t have marital rights that appear to largely benefit men. Which is why polygamy will never fly.

UPDATE/BUMPED: ‘Bad Boys’: African men more likely to have children with more than one woman.

AFRICAN men are among the most likely in the world to father children with more than one woman, a new report indicates.

Out of 39 countries around the world, African countries take up 25 slots on the rankings where men have children with multiple women, the State of The World’s Fathers report reveals. The multi-women fathers include polygamous men, married men who cheat on their partners, and unmarried men having sexual relationships with different women.

Gabon, Liberia, Republic of Congo and Uganda are the top countries where the highest percentage of men having a child with more than one woman, at more than 45% of adult men, data from demographic and housing surveys shows. The report was published by MenCare; a global campaign to promote men’s involvement in parenting and caregiving.

Although the data doesn’t show whether the multiple relationships are simultaneous or sequential, the report indicates that having children with more than one partner “complicates decisions to plan, prevent, or time a pregnancy.”

Implied: Complicates it for women

The way the rest of the article discusses how valuable long-term (monogamous) fathering is to kids, you would think the emerging argument of “polygamy is bad for kids” is simply a push-back against a man and woman’s right to have whatever relationship suits their notion of “dignity.”

Social mores in the U.S. have largely shut down formal/legal recognition of men in relationships with – and having kids – with multiple women. It’s the stuff of tabloid TV or religious outsiders for now. But having removed the fundamental definition of marriage as man+woman, will that change?

And in what ways will that influence progressives to emphasize “better fathering” among African American men (and men generally) here in the U.S. as a stopgap against legalizing polygamy?