Greatest Generation Son of USS Indianapolis survivor shares…

Greatest Generation: Son of USS Indianapolis survivor shares his father’s stirring story for upcoming movie.

After Detroit native Stanley Wisniewski managed to escape from the sinking USS Indianapolis cruiser on July 30, 1945, his eyes were so clotted with oil that he ripped off all his clothes and tried to wipe the viscous substance off with the fabric. 

Wisniewski spent five days, including his 19th birthday, struggling to stay alive and afloat with nothing to shield him from the sharks, the sun and the potentially toxic saltwater.  

“He was naked as a baby in the water the whole time,” Wisniewski’s son Dan said of his now-deceased father.  

Dan Wisniewski offered as much information about his dad’s ordeal as he could on Tuesday in Bienville Square during a shoot for the WWII disaster movie “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.”

Nicolas Cage, who plays USS Indianapolis Capt. Charles Butler McVay in the film, was just a few feet away while Wisniewski shared his father’s story. 

Nineteen. Let that soak in a bit. And good on Nick Cage for telling their story.