Nice Father says metro day care leaves sleeping…

Nice: Father says metro day care leaves sleeping child inside van

In a Facebook post about the incident, the father estimates the boy was left alone for up to 30 minutes. Wheat disputes that accusation.

“We’re talking two minutes, maybe three, so that’s the time frame that we’re looking at,” Wheat said. “And I would say we all know you can’t believe everything you hear or read on social media.”

Day care administrators released the following statement:

Christian Life Daycare takes all students safety very seriously. We consistently train our staff to prevent issues from happening. Unfortunately, on this day a policy and procedure was missed by a teacher. Our apologies to the family, we regret this happened and have taken action to prevent further incident. We self-reported to the parents and DHS and are cooperating with them throughout their investigation. We would like to thank the families of our daycares that have shown support throughout this time.

If Dad did this he’d already be in jail.