Stats The best age to get married if…

Stats: The best age to get married if you want to avoid divorce

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UPDATED/BUMPED: Dr. Helen picks up the topic. Several interesting comments along this line: 

This ‘research’ is spurious at best. Why? Because only one person in a marriage ever ‘decides’ to get divorced – the woman. (Even in the tiny percentage where the man files, it’ll be because the woman decided and pushed him to it, because any man who chooses to do so is committing personal and financial seppuku and we all know it). So the question that should be being asked is what changes over time for ‘the woman’ to see either more or less in the marriage to ‘her’ benefit (the only thing that ever counts in her analysis after all)?

One comment also linked to this archived Dalrock post.

In part one of this series I proposed a model for women to skip the carousel and marry young, provided they can find a husband they are head over heels in love with and trust to lead them in life.  In this post I’ll address the statistics around the common argument that young marriage leads to higher divorce rates because young women “don’t yet know who they are”.

The correct answer to the original question, of course, is not a particular age at which one should one marry. It’s marrying after both husband and wife decide divorce isn’t going to be an option. And now that women are largely driving the divorce wagon (and men are scrambling to understand the New Order), all bets are off on when that is.