Divorced and Dating Again What’s the Worst That…

Divorced and Dating Again: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

In the internal dialogue going on in my brain at that very moment, I’m saying, “Yeah but…”

And of course that’s not really the worst. But it’s the descending arc of a relationship that doesn’t quite make the cut. We know what that’s like, right? We’re here–single adults imagining their next future–because things didn’t work out. The “worst” arc happened in our life. And we view things a bit more “realistically.” Right?

Right alongside that train of thought is the overly-up perspective that fears no risk, pushes the positive, and presses on in spite of the warnings or signals coming from their partner. [Um… Me.] And it’s hard to hear “what if things don’t work out.” It puts a damper on our flame. And we love the flame.

The inner dialogue going on here unfortunately doesn’t include the “worst” danger: A new, largely unknown adult (and all her other relationships) in his kids’ lives. “Don’t date with minor children” is pretty tough – but very sound – advice.