John Schroeder Faith through the media veil That…

John Schroeder: Faith through the media veil

That media does not “get” faith is old news. Both of these pieces treat faith as at best a set of precepts or beliefs held by individuals grouped by sharing those beliefs.  At worst it treats faith as a pose, or maybe identity, held by an individual to somehow feel a part of a grouping.  And yet genuine faith is so much more than that.  Whether you use the evangelical language of “relationship with God,” or the more arcane language of sacrament, religion is not something we put on and control, but rather a force that shapes us into better people, and that shaping process involves congregating together.  Even that sentence makes religion sound a little too therapeutic when it is actually simply holy.

Media, which pretty much views everything as a pose or a guise because such is the very essential nature of media, makes it almost impossible for genuine faith to be shown thru media.  This can set up an ugly cycle.  When people come to their faith through media, it often never advances to any more than a guise which validates media’s perception of faith – spiraling the cycle downward.  How to break this cycle is a task to which all congregations in the church must put its mind and energy.

I admire his optimism that “this cycle” can even be broken.