Graham Plaster Hero Cults Brand Evangelism &amp Core…

Graham Plaster: Hero Cults, Brand Evangelism & Core Values in Virtual Communities

Not all press is good press, and not all pain makes one stronger. While star-power is often closely linked to media dominance and money.  This can be upset by viral media on a shoe-string budget (Viral media as such only gets more viral when combined with celebrity and money).  Unfortunately, star power can be mutually exclusive from leadership and and electability can be mutually exclusive from character. 

In Plato’s Republic, the state is compared to a ship where some are skilled at navigating and some are skilled at taking control of the ship.  The two skills are not the same.

Nowadays, a cult of personality is about brand evangelism.  The role of the modern CEO is as Chief Story Teller – someone who relates the vision and values of the company to the public in a way that makes it worth your participation.  The CEO sets the culture of the company.  Hopefully they can also lead the company to success, but one does not guarantee the other.