Alisha Perkins We All Fall Down As many…

Alisha Perkins: We All Fall Down

As many of you know these last few games for Glen have not been his best. He has made a few bad pitches and unfortunately they happened at the worst possible times. Up until this point in the year he had been perfect,literally 100% perfect in every save opportunity, and of course everyone was loving it. But as we know no one is perfect except the great man above and it was destined that at some point that he would fail just like every other human being on the planet.

Again, at home we tried to make the best of a bad situation and use it to show our kids that even the best of the best fall. We told them that Daddy would rise above and succeed again, and that the world may demand perfection but sometimes all you have to give is your very best which might not always be impeccable.

A lesson their daughters will remember long after Dad has hung up his glove.