Always Daddy’s Girl Woman born in Fountain Valley…

Always Daddy’s Girl: Woman born in Fountain Valley finds her father with Facebook post — 29 years after he held her just once as a baby.

Myesha Lockheart’s Facebook post attracted about 10,000 likes and 140,000 shares. But she wasn’t looking to be “Facebook famous.”

She was simply looking for her dad.

For most of her life, she believed he had abandoned her – until her older brother revealed a family secret. Their troubled mother, by then dead from a drug overdose, had lied. Contrary to what Lockheart imagined, her father had been left heartbroken when his ex-girlfriend absconded with their baby.

In her handmade ad, Lockheart holds a poster beseeching, “Please help. I am in search of my biological father. His name is Charles Edward Jackson … I was born July 8th 1986 in Fountain Valley, Ca.”

The response to the ad was immediate and overwhelming.

Within days of the post, a Long Beach debt collector – skilled at detective work – spotted her plea. Unsolicited and unpaid, Bryan James did some digging and matchmaking.

“I thought, ‘Why not track someone down for positive reasons for a change?’” he said.

In late June 2014, Lockheart tentatively placed a call to the man James pinpointed as her father, and quizzed him for proof.

“I told her about her mother, grandmother, uncle, cousin – things I otherwise could not have known,” recalled Jackson, who lives in Los Angeles. “Myesha broke down and cried.”

“It was clear right away that he was the right person,” Lockheart said.