Heroes  Dad’s WWII Purple Heart and letters to…

Heroes: Dad’s WWII Purple Heart and letters to Mom finally returned to Son.

The letters were returned to Campbell thanks to Britnee Kinard and her friends Lara Mauer and Stephanie Smith, who are the owners of Lawn and Order Landscaping in Claxton, Georgia.

Smith and Mauer were clearing out an abandoned home in Claxton and found a box that held all of the letters, a Purple Heart medal and a marriage license.

Mauer and Smith immediately gave the box to Kinard, president of the SD Gunner Fund that provides assistance to veterans and children with disabilities.

Kinard was soon able to track down Campbell and his family to return the box.

“The writings are not like what we would write, it’s almost like reading a modern version of Shakespeare, because it’s very proper, it’s very polite, it’s very 1944,” says Kinard.

Campbell says seeing the Purple Heart and reading the letters has made him feel complete.

“He was my hero and still is, even though I never knew him,” says Campbell.

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