Maine's guv snubs federal Obamacare money attorney's heroin addicted…

Maine’s guv snubs federal Obamacare money, attorney’s heroin-addicted wife hardest hit.

Coleen Singer, of Bangor, Maine, passed away on Christmas morning 2014, at the far-too-early age of 32, but her obituary was published only this week, penned by her ex-husband, Brent Singer, a local attorney in Bangor. But his unusual, poignant, and controversial obituary for his former wife has gone viral, not simply for his touching tribute to his ex-wife but for the fact that he employed the obituary as a platform to attack Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage. “She was a victim of herself, of LePage’s politics, of our society’s continuing ignorance and indifference to mental illness, and of our society’s asinine approach to drug addiction,” wrote Singer. Coleen Singer died as the result of a heroin overdose. Her complete obituary can be read at this link.

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