Cardinal Dolan Another Boy Another Question For decades…

Cardinal Dolan: Another Boy, Another Question

For decades, the advocates for legal abortion — with Planned Parenthood in the forefront — have minimized or denied the humanity of the unborn child.  Handy euphemisms have been used to conceal the true nature of the target of abortion, such as “products of conception”, “blobs of tissue”, “uterine contents”, “terminating a pregnancy”, and the like.

Those tricks of misleading language are no longer viable, thanks to the Planned Parenthood staff members who were captured on these undercover videos, with their callous bluntness about what they were actually doing.

In fact, for once we can actually take Planned Parenthood at their word, because in these videos they don’t use euphemisms, but instead they openly acknowledge the humanity of the babies they have aborted and are now dissecting.  This makes perfect sense.  The whole point was that the child was really a human person, and their organs and other tissue could be sold for experiments.

In other words, the folks at Planned Parenthood finally told the truth about what they are actually doing when they abort over 300,000 babies each year – that’s more than 20% of all abortions in this country: they are putting an end to an innocent, fragile, defenseless, human life.

Maybe if it was “another girl” there’d be more outrage.