Where’s the short bus  Disabled father asking school…

Where’s the short bus? Disabled father asking school district for help getting son to school:

Single parent Joshua Callahan wants the best for his son Jeramiah. “My concern is I don’t want anything bad to happen to my child,” Callahan said. But Callahan was born with a tumor in his back. Ever since it was removed, he’s battled chronic pain and uses crutches to walk. He said his medications prevent him from driving. “I just can’t because I have back spasms really bad,” Callahan said.

Callahan told Belanger he walks with his son to and from Thomasville Heights Elementary School as often as possible. But some days he’s in too much pain, and he said school leaders have ignored his requests for transportation. “Let’s prevent something before it happens,” Callahan said.

Belanger drove from Callahan’s house to the school to check. The walk is a little more than half a mile and most of the way there is uphill. While we were in the neighborhood, we saw an APS school bus drive past Callahan’s house. “Everyone has told me the same thing, ‘You really shouldn’t be going up and down that hill,'” Joshua Callahan said.

The school system issued this statement: “Atlanta Public Schools has been in communication with Mr. Callahan regarding his concerns. Thomasville Heights Elementary’s transportation boundaries do not exceed the one mile requirement for a bus stop. Therefore, the majority of the students walk to school and transportation is only provided to students with disabilities. The school social worker has continued to work with Mr. Callahan to identify community resources to meet his transportation needs.”

Would a single mom have this issue?