Is More Parental Leave Good For Daddy Or…

Is More Parental Leave Good For Daddy Or Bad For Women?

Last Week, Netflix announced “unlimited” maternity and paternity leave (for up to a year) for new parents. This week, the debate over the new company policy was waged. 

The Verge argues that in a country where unequal parental leave is often provided for men and women which encourages women to miss more work, the new Netflix policy is politically significant, providing an opportunity for men and women to more evenly distribute care-taking and liberate women’s time.

Vox came out against the policy, noting that the “unlimited” label is misleading and may actually encourage parents to take less leave.

New York Magazine sides with The Verge, but notes that further female liberation will only come out of the policy if men choose to use their new found care-taking time and “lean out.”

The New Yorker points out that the real problem is distribution of leave between high and low earning jobs. Not-so-shockingly, Netflix itself illustrates this by only providing its new leave policy to the higher-paid web-streaming team.

Even the way they asked the question is revealing. The point is that newborns need time to bond with both parents, and all three need time to figure out their new routine.

Related: Dept of the Navy just released it’s new maternity leave policy, granting 18 weeks of maternity leave to new military moms. Dads still get up to 10 days (as under the old policy), though that’s only at the discretion of their commander.