A moment that changed me – my father…

A moment that changed me – my father finding out that I’d shaved my legs.

You see, my father is one of those old-fashioned feminists who goes into red-faced rants over anti-wrinkle cream, gags at perfume, tears his hair out at cosmetics. This was the man who taught me how to climb trees, lay bricks, took me up on the roof aged 10 to admire his pointing, and showed me how to fix a puncture. He would pull my wobbly teeth out with pliers and offered to pierce my ears with his own earrings. He had tried to bring me up to believe that my gender was as fluid, as personal and as faultless as his own. And here I was, shaving my legs like just another schmuck.

It was at that moment that I realised my body was a political battleground.

Moms can’t teach sons how to be men. And Dads should skip feminism.