Leslie Loftis Do Republicans we care about boys…

Leslie Loftis: Do Republicans we care about boys and men? Debate questions that should have been asked:

1. Federal data shows that girls now outnumber boys in college, 57% to 43%, by a wide and growing margin. From elementary through high school girls academically outperform boys. Why is the education gap between boys and girls widening? What steps would you take to help boys receive the education they need to succeed?

2. An increasing number of children are raised without a father in the home. While there are many individual success stories of children raised in single-parent homes, the risks are greater. Children raised without fathers are more likely to drop out of school, turn to crime, and abuse drugs. What reforms or initiatives would you institute as president to address it?

3. Boys commit suicide five times more than girls. Overall, men commit suicide 4 to 5 times more than women. Men’s life expectancy is less than women’s and the gap has increased since the 1920s. There are nine executive-level departments exclusively for women, but none for men. For example, there are three agencies specifically focused on women’s health but not one focused on the health needs of boys and men. Do you think there should be more done to address the health issues boys and men face? As president, what steps or actions would you specifically take to address the health of boys and men?

Don’t expect Democrats to ask them either, even though the Obama Admin has been pinged on this for years.