Letting voters decide gay marriage in Australia What…

Letting voters decide gay-marriage in Australia. What a concept:

Lyle Shelton, of the Australian Christian Lobby, says that voters want more information before making up their minds.

“ACL has been calling for a more mature debate and it is good to see public discussion emerging that now recognizes there are serious consequences to freedom of conscience and children’s rights,” he said. “There are millions of Australian’s of ethnic background, faith and no faith who will never accept a politician-imposed redefinition of marriage. These people are not bigots or homophobes, they just want to always be free to publicly express their views.”

The argument that all children need a mother and a father seems to be striking a chord with voters. If given enough time, it could make the “love can’t be stopped” rhetoric of supporters seem narcissistic and tacky. Opponents have begun to describe a child’s right to a mother and a father as something “novel” and “impossible to guarantee”. How will that go down in the Western suburbs of Sydney?

It certainly sat well with the pro-Prop 8 folks, until SCOTUS quashed it.