No excuse  Social Host Liability has been around for…

No excuse: Social Host Liability has been around for a long time.

Father of 17-year-old girl who died in a July 2013 drunken driving accident suing several parents, his daughter’s best friend, and two other friends.

The suit also names Michael and Amy Farley and their son Tyler Farley and Mark E. Dalton and Debra De Vries-Dalton and their son Mark Dalton. The suit said the friends had been in the vehicle and left Modlesky to drive the car alone back to the party.

According to the lawsuit, the Finklesteins were the “social hosts” of a party at the home with guests coming “knowing that alcohol would be available for their consumption and did attend with the permission and consent of the Finklestein parents.” Police said the parents were not home at the time of the party and were never charged as part of the investigation.

The lawsuit said the Finklesteins “failed to ascertain” that the boys and Modlesky were intoxicated or impaired before allowing them to leave the premises in a motor vehicle. The Finklesteins, the suit said, also “failed to supervise and/or take adequate precautions to ensure that guests were not delivered or served excessive quantities of alcoholic beverages.” Karly Finklestein was charged with two counts of allowing minors to possess alcohol.