When tempted to second guess Hiroshima remember Eugene B…

When tempted to second-guess Hiroshima, remember Eugene B. Sledge.

On 8 August we heard that the first atomic bomb had been dropped on Japan. Reports abounded for a week about a possible surrender. Then on 15 August 1945 the war ended. We received the news with quiet disbelief coupled with an indescribable sense of relief. We thought the Japanese would never surrender. Many refused to believe it. Sitting in stunned silence, we remembered our dead. So many dead. So many maimed. So many bright futures consigned to the ashes of the past. So many dreams lost in the madness that had engulfed us. Except for a few widely scattered shouts of joy, the survivors of the abyss sat hollow-eyed and silent, trying to comprehend a world without war.

And enjoy With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge — “no reteller can possibly do justice to Sledge’s own account. A true must-read.”