Yachtsmen  Father and Son Attempt to Defend Their…

Yachtsmen: Father and Son Attempt to Defend Their Fastnet Title

“Our goal is to try to win the class again,” Loison said. “We will try to make the right choices, but you clearly need a bit of luck to win the overall. Sometimes it is beyond your control. What I want is not to have any regrets: to sail well and take pleasure and learn things. Because what I love about sailing is that we learn each time.

“I never came back from a trip on yacht, even from cruising, without having learned something, which is what I find so enthralling. I can very much understand those who choose to do it for a living.”

Only one of the Loisons sails for a living. That would be Alexis, now 31, a professional yachtsman who usually competes solo and finished sixth in the prestigious Solitaire du Figaro race earlier this year.

“My father’s dream was to win a R.O.R.C. course,” said Alexis Loison in a recent interview, referring to the Royal Ocean Racing Club, which organizes the Fastnet. “Mine is to win the Solitaire du Figaro. The contract is 50 percent complete.”

Pascal Loison is an orthopedic surgeon. Both father and son live in Cherbourg on the Cotentin Peninsula in Lower Normandy.