Every shooting incident is followed by an interview…

Every shooting incident is followed by an interview with a stunned father.

Stunned Vallejo neighbors expressed surprise and anger as national media swarmed the home of the father of a man suspected with shooting to death a television reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast Wednesday morning from a shopping center in Virginia.

The Media seem bent on finding the killer’s motives in his dad. As if he was the one who had taught his son to kill. Dr. Evil Junior. Or somebody who knew his son would kill but did nothing.

In fact, they inevitably find him to be a kind man, a “perfect gentleman.” Or, more often, a man who was absent or estranged from his son. But always a man shocked as anyone that his son (Elliot Roger, Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza) could have done something so impossibly awful.

That said – and without judging any of these dads – can you recall a shooter’s father being a strong, masculine, and faith-filled man, actively engaged in his son’s life? I can’t.