Father and son strengthen bond through photography Todd…

Father and son strengthen bond through photography

Todd and Brad were always close, but working together has allowed them to expand their relationship; working as equals instead of one being the tag-along for another city council meeting. “I can’t tell you how many people say how blessed I am and I know that,” Todd Reed said. “Working with Brad, I love coming to work. I love seeing his energy, enthusiasm and most of all, his big ideas.” 

“We’ve always been a lot closer than any of my friends were with their dads,” Brad Reed added. “We have the same interests like boating and downhill skiing. We’re both adrenaline junkies and we both like to be outside so it’s a natural fit.”

Like any relationship, the key is balance. Brad said he’s more analytical, crunching numbers and handling business and computer work whereas his dad is the ultimate at customer service and building relationships with clients and others in the community. Both agree that their combined skills and love for each other may be the true magic behind their success, as well as the “Wednesdays” book. “It was amazing,” Brad Reed said of seeing the book for the first time. “It was a tear-jerker. We put our heart and soul into it and our entire financial life on the line. I’ll never forget when we got that first copy of it, it felt like an arrival, it felt like we had made it. It felt like we had gotten to the point we always wanted to be.”