Reads Tracing a Father’s Escape from Auschwitz A…

Reads: Tracing a Father’s Escape from Auschwitz

A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz touches upon Rosenberg’s childhood and blossoming self-awareness in postwar Sweden, but essentially it is his telling of his father’s story, one that chronicles the struggle to survive the Holocaust and then the struggle to live with the aftershock. The key word in the book’s title—other than its ugly last one—is “from.” For Rosenberg’s father, David, belonged to that rare minority that didn’t only go “to” Auschwitz; miraculously for him, the camp was a transit point not a final destination. He lived to tell his tale—except he didn’t, not openly, and certainly not to his son. And so drawing on the letters between his parents during their years of separation, along with trawling records and tracing routes, Rosenberg charts his father’s journey from his native Poland to his adoptive Sweden. The road to Auschwitz, he explains, is “a collective hell shared by each and every one.” The less-traveled road from Auschwitz, he discovers, “follows the most shifting routes, veers off to the most unpredictable destinations, and comes through the most unexpected places.”