Reads Marian Freund book offers a window into…

Reads: Marian Freund book offers a window into a daughter’s growing relationship with her dying father.

“Often when people are dying, there are all kinds of opportunities for healing and the building of wonderful relationships,” Ketterhagen said. “It’s a beautiful story, well-written, as Marian talks about the day-to-day experiences she had with her parents at hospice.”

As time went along, Marian said her father began to open up — moving from a place of tolerance to actually receiving the gift of her love. Near the end, she would sing to him before he fell asleep — favorite melodies from the 1950s, Christmas songs and Christian hymns.

“He was a man of deep faith, and the closer he got to death, the music served as a way to communicate non-verbally. I would watch his forehead relax and he would drift off to sleep. It was very intimate — and a sacred time,” she said.

Although Roland Freund passed away on Jan. 28, 1998, Marian said it took years for the story to find the right time to be told.

“Telling your story is healing, without judging,” she said. “My intent is to extend a handshake of invitation to listen and record the stories of your important loved ones — before it is too late.”

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