Distinguished Grizzly A Generation of Men Raised by…

Distinguished Grizzly: A Generation of Men Raised by Women in three volumes.

In my life, my father was around for the most part but we didn’t spend a whole lot of time together as I mostly lived with my mother and when I did live with my dad, his job had him on the road quite a bit. I don’t fault him for that, as he was making money to provide for his family and when I wasn’t in school, I got to travel and work with him. I get why he had to do it and I got it back then. Besides, I usually enjoyed the experience of getting to work with him and I really liked the bonding time. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some deep seeded yearning for something more. Something I didn’t understand at the time because I really didn’t know any better and at the end of the day didn’t realize that I wasn’t getting all the pieces I later felt that I needed to move on in life, as a man.

Language warning natch, but worth your time.