My ‘Dr. Laura Light’ – Posted by Staff

Dr. Laura:

This Christmas, we decided to let our 12 year old son place the star on the top of the tree (traditionally, this has been my husband’s job every year). He needed a ladder to reach the top of our 7 foot tree, and even though my husband and I were holding the ladder to keep him safe, he made a few failed attempts at placing the star, mainly out of fear that he was going to fall. After a few of these failed attempts, he was upset and went to go sulk in his room. I was all set to say “Let’s just let Dad do it, and we’ll get on with a nice family evening of decorating the rest of the tree.”

My husband had a different idea. He told our son to get back on the ladder and complete the task of placing the star no matter how long it took. My “Dr. Laura light” blinked on in my brain to tell me to stay out of this, and let Dad take care of the situation. After one more attempt, our boy did it just right, and couldn’t have been prouder of himself. I couldn’t believe I was going to let him just give up! I’m so glad I listen to your show enough to have your voice pop into my head at times like these. This turned out to be a life lesson about not giving up and striving to do what you set out to do no matter how long it takes or how many attempts are involved. Our son learned a valuable lesson that he would not have learned if I didn’t shut up and let his Dad do his job. Sometimes, we Moms need to stand down and let Dad turn our babies into real men.

Please never stop showing us how to do the right thing!