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According to the Pew Research Center’s recent Parenting in America study, only 39% of dads say they do a “very good job as a parent.” That’s compared to 51% of moms who say the same about their own parenting. Why, then, do 6 in 10 of dads lack confidence in their parenting? One reason might be dads’ lack of confidence in how well prepared they are to be dads. National Fatherhood Initiative’s Pop’s Culture study — the most comprehensive national study ever conducted on dads’ attitudes on fathering — found that only 54% of dads “agreed” and 22% “strongly agreed” that they were adequately prepared for fatherhood when their first child was born. Nevertheless, dads have the ability to learn to be better dads. Unfortunately, they lack the kind of help-seeking behavior of moms when it comes to parenting.

Another is 50 years of state-sponsored, media-fueled fatherhood bashing.

Or they’re on strike.