Dalrock: Don’t fear marriage and fatherhood, but beware those who are working to destroy your family.

Matt Walsh has a new post up at the Blaze*:  Dear Millennial Men, Don’t Be Afraid of Marriage And Fatherhood.  Walsh makes some good points.  He notes that marriage isn’t the only way a man can embrace responsibility while pointing out that very few of the men avoiding marriage are practicing celibacy.  He also notes the toxic impact of feminism on women, and that large numbers of women are delaying marriage.  This last part is understated, but even acknowledging it is a massive improvement over the way (for example) complementarians pretend that men are insisting that women usurp men’s roles.

However, there is a huge piece missing from Walsh’s analysis.  Men don’t just fear the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood, they fear the way these institutions have been corrupted and assaulted by our laws, courts, Christian leaders and entertainment, and even attacked by Walsh himself. Marriage has been legally and socially replaced by a new family model.  While some men only fear taking on responsibility, wise men rightly are weary of the evil of this new form of family.  Under God’s family structure, marriage is for life and husbands are head of the household.  Under our new culture and legal structure, marriage lasts precisely as long as your wife says it will, and married fathers are either a punchline or a serious threat to the family and must be aggressively restrained.  It isn’t theresponsibility that many men fear, but the contempt of society (including conservative Christians) that being a married father earns, and the loss of their family on a whim that best demonstrates this contempt.

It isn’t just that the law and the courts stand forever ready to reward your wife with cash and prizes if she decides to destroy your family.  The culture, including Christian culture, will constantly be working to undermine you and destabilize your family.  Christian movies about husbands and fathers reliably degrade the role of married men.  Fireproof was the Christian entry into the genre of divorce fantasy, and Courageous went to unbelievable lengths to tear down good husbands and fathers so it could ostensibly build them back up.  More recently War Room followed in this well worn anti husband and father path.  But these are just the more serious expression of the dark modern Christian contempt for husbands and fathers.  There are also Christian comedies like Mom’s Night Out which portray Christian husbands and fathers as buffoons.  It is true that Christian movies are following the lead of secular movies in this regard, but this is a deeply troubling defense.  Moreover, Christian films aren’t just following, they take the secular contempt for married fathers to the next level.  Modern Christians haven’t noticed this because the movies reflect how modern Christians collectively feel about married fathers.

Read the whole thing. The guy’s on a roll lately. Hope he writes a book.