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Everyday Hero: Newfoundland father Todd Churchill’s ‘Reason for the Rink’

His son, Carter, was born prematurely in 2011. Carter was later diagnosed as being deaf and having cerebral palsy, a permanent neurological disorder that impairs physical coordination.

“I took this on in 2012 as a way to fund raise and raise awareness of some charities that are associated with my son and his conditions.”

By renting out his rink for games and tournaments, and donating the proceeds to four charities, Churchill’s idea has taken flight.

“My initial goal the first year was to raise $7,000,” he said. “Since then, I’ve raised over $211,000… It’s been amazing.”

The revenue helps pay for Carter’s participation in sledge hockey — a variation of hockey that allows players with physical disabilities to play on sleds mounted on blades — and other programs like therapeutic horse riding.